About us

A+ Business Brokers Inc. has been involved listing and selling pest control companies since 1982. We
only sell pest control companies because that is our expertise. We owned and managed a pest control
company for 10 years. We list and sell pest control companies anywhere in the United States. We work
with each state’s business brokers. As a Team we have 130 plus years of experience in the pest control
industry not only as owners but as operators. This will help us understand your needs as we have been
in similar situations as our customers.
We represent the seller, not the buyer. We use the utmost care to ensure your confidentiality. First, we
do not give out any information until we have a memo record of showing and non-disclosure form
signed. This protects the seller from an uninterested party spreading the word that your business is for
sale, thus having your employees quit and/or your clients canceling service.
We advertise nationally and regionally. Plus, we have been doing business with large and small
companies since 1982 so we have a database of ready, willing and able buyers ready to buy when we list
your business.


-Allen C Woodward, President