3. Sell a Pest Control Business

I am ready to sell my business now!!! What do I need to do?

TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS NOW complete the information listed below. If it does not apply to your business  just put  N/A in the blank and go to the next one. Once we receive your personal contact information, we will send you Confirmation of Receipt.   Then I will do a business appraisal to determine what we think is a fair selling price for your business. Once we agree on a selling price we will get your business ready to present to pest control buyers in our data base of 700+ of Registered Buyers across the United States and Internationally.  Please include any pictures of your office, trucks, and employees. You can mail them or scan and email to alwoodward@pestcontrolbiz.com.

This information form comes directly to my computer and is 100% confidential!!!


YOU MAY COPY AND PASTE TO AN EMAIL OR  MICROSOFT WORD, then complete and send to:                 alwoodward@pestcontrolbiz.com

 Mail to: 17193 NW 242nd Street,
High Springs, FL 32643-9122

Seller Information

Part   I,  II,  and III.
Seller Agreement
“Sole And Exclusive Right To Sale”
Date Of Contract:  _________, 201_ Listing #: L12_ _ _

                 Call me and we can fill in this form over the phone  –   It will only take about 15 0r 20 minutes

                                                                         Company Information
Business Legal Name:
Owner or President Legal Name:Business Phone: Fax Line:
Cell Phone:
Cell phone #2
Email Address:

Federal ID Number:
Business Address:
Business Address City:
Counties Currently servicing:
Type Of Business:
Required Licenses: [    ] City: [X ] State: [  ] Sales Tax:[ ] Other
 Do you have a Dunn & Bradstreet Listing?           may we verify it?
Owner or Stockholder’s Information
Representative’s Capacity:
Legal Name of Seller:
Partner or (Wife) :
Alternate Home Address:
Alternate City Address:
Direct All Mail To: [  ]Business Address [ ] Alternate Home Address
Home Phone:
Home Fax:
Home Email:
Company Website:


Sale Price Of Business  What you Think is a Fair Sale Price
(A) Purchase Price For Business Sale: $ 0000
                                                                        Thousand & No/100- Dollars
(B) Down Payment Negotiable (Negotiable)
(C) Seller Will Carry A Secure Promissory Note For: Negotiable At                         % Interest
(D) Additional Terms:
 (E)  Other:


Your Business Name
X (Signature On File) Date:
Seller’s Signature  XX
X (Signature On File) Date:
Co-Sellers Signature  XX
A + Business Brokers, Inc.
17193 NW 242nd Street
High Springs, Fl 32643
1-386-454-3333/Fax: 1- 386-454-4522
Broker: Allencwoodward(Signature)


Schedule A
14. Data from the portfolio checklist information and any financial shall be called schedule “A” of this listing agreement.
[ ] Check here if there is additional information attached from other sources.
A. Three Years Federal Tax Returns: See Tax Returns
B. Company Financial Formation: See Part III
C. Chemical Supplier’s Name and Phone Number:


Schedule B
15. Information from the checklist, all equipment, fixtures, and all other items included in the sale shall be called schedule “B” of this listing agreement.
A. List of all equipment, including office equipment that will go with the business. (See appraisal, if one).  see list
[ ] Check here if there is additional information attached from other sources.


Description Of Equipment Serial # Value Today


See  list
B. List of all vehicles, trailers or other mobile equipment:     see list
C. List of accounts: (At Closing)
D. List of accounts receivable, if any. (Belongs to Seller) (At Closing)
List all Vehicles Here           see list
Make                    vin #                                    size                aid new                      value now  


List all Vehicles Here
Make VIN # Size Paid New Value Now


Schedule C
16. The business appraisal information, if there is one, shall be called schedule “C” of this listing agreement. None
[  ] Check here if there is not an appraisal…


Schedule D
17. Seller agrees if the business is a corporation, signature must have a corporation seal on the signature and seller must complete schedule “D”.
[ ] Check here if there is no corporation. Initial:


Date of Resolution:
A meeting of the board of directors and/or stockholders of the corporation was held in the corporate offices and the following resolution was adopted. “Be it resolved that the President, ______________ be authorized to execute any and all documents necessary for the sale of the assets of the business known as: ____________________
signature as follows:   allencwoodward(signature) Example


X President (Signature On File)
Corporate Representative, Title
Corporate Representative, Title
Above Signed are Officers of the Corporation.
X (Signature On File)
Name and Title
*If Additional Signatures Are Required By The Articles Or Bylaws Of The Corporation.


                             Part II – Buyer Questions

Listing #:L12_ _ _

A. Business Structure
How long has your company been in business?
How long has your company been incorporated?
Please list stockholders of the corporation and % owned: 50 %50%
Do you pay estimated quarterly taxes?
List any associations you belong?
Do you have a City and County Occupation License?
What is the name of your insurance company and how long have you been with your current company?
Has your company had any claims in the last 5 years?
Can your company show all tax forms from the last 3 years?
Do you have a Written Business Plan in place? If Yes, Please include a copy. [    ] Yes [    ] No


In what Categories are you Certified? [   ] Pest Control
[    ] Sub Termite
[    ] Lawn and Ornamental
[     ] Dry Wood Termites (Fumigation)
[     ] Wild Life
In which States are you Certified?


B. Services
Explain the majority of your services:
Does your company provide monthly pest control services?
Describe treatments:
Does your company provide every other month pest control services?
Describe treatments:
Does your company provide quarterly pest control service?
Describe treatments:
Does your company provide Semi Annual pest control service?
Describe treatments:
Does your company provide annual pest control service?
Describe treatments:
Does your company provide other types of services, other than the ones described above?
Is flea control an additional cost?
Are carpenter ants an additional cost?
What is your retreat policy?
Do you do single or one time treatments? [   ] Yes [   ] No. Describe:
If so, what is the warranty?
Do you charge extra for any services provided for your regular accounts?
Does your company leave bills or are they mailed?
Explain your annual pest control program. (If in use now)
How many one time accounts do you have?
What is the total of their annual volume?
Can you substantiate their consistency? [  ] Yes [  ] No
How many of your accounts have an annual volume over 5% of your total sales?
What is their total volume per year?


C. Advertising Information
What phone books are you listed in?
What is the monthly cost for each?
What are your phone numbers?
List any other advertising contracted for over a year and how long.
Do you do Radio advertising?
Internet Advertising
List any other advertising?
How much do you spend monthly on advertising?


D. Chemicals
What are the basic types of chemicals you use?
Who is your major supplier? Target   spec products
Do you use any restricted chemical? [   ] Yes [ ] No
If yes, list the name of the ones used:


How many accounts are monthly and what kind of customers are they?
Every other month?
What percentage of your accounts are set upon a specific day and time?
E. Customers [   ]Yes [ ] No,
How many customers does your company have?
Can you give an average of the longevity of your customers?
Number Of Customers Over 8 Years:
Number Of Customers Over 5 Years:
Number Of Customers Over 3 Years:
Number Of Customers Over 1 Year:
When was the last time your company gave a price increase?
Does your company have any chemically sensitive accounts?
Please List And Give Number.


F. Production
Do you have quotas for technicians?
Do you have Saturday or after hour accounts?
What is your daily start time and finish time?
Do you have larger accounts that need more than one technician to accomplish the services?
If yes, how many?
What geographic area does your company cover?
List by County Name and State:
Are routes broken down according to location? [   ] Yes [ ] No


G. Employees      must have 1 for each employee
How long with company?
Average monthly salary?
Describe how you calculate their pay commission:
Average hours worked per week?
Employment History:
Driving Record:
Does this employee take his truck home? [    ] Yes [  ] No
Benefits Offered, Hospitalization, Vacation: [   ] Yes [   ] No
If yes, please explain
Do you have a Non Compete Agreement or a Non Solicitation Agreement with this employee? [    [ ] No
Does it include an assignment clause? Please include a copy or a blank copy. [   ] Yes [ ] No  need a copy


                Part III – Company Financial Information

Listing #:L12_ _ _

A. Annual Net Revenue So Far This Fiscal Year.
For Last Complete Fiscal Year:  
12 Months Previous: $
Please include a “Profit & Loss Statement” for the volume so far this fiscal year
(*Net revenue is total “sales” after credits and adjustments)
(FIGURES shown below are the best estimate we were able to determine of actual totals and percentages. See Attached printouts from actual business services.


(A) Pest Control Annual Revenue % Of Total For last year – (estimated if necessary) Complete Year
Pest Control Service Annual Sales Number of Accounts % of Gross Sales $ volume per service
Residential Monthly Service Customers
Residential Bi-Monthly (Every Other Month)
Residential Quarterly Service Customers
Semi Annual Service Customers
Annual Service Customers
Commercial Customers (P.C. Only)
P.C. Miscellaneous Revenue (One time, etc.)
Subtotal Pest control Revenue


(B) Termite (Includes all Wood Destroying Organisms)
Termite Service Annual Sales Number of Customers % of Gross Sales $ volume per service
Treating Revenue
Fumigation Revenue Dry Wood Termites
Clearance Letters
Annual Renewal Revenue
Bait Monitoring
Miscellaneous Termite Revenue
Sub Total Termite


(C) Other
Type Of Service Annual Sales Number of Customers % of Gross Sales $ volume per service
Lawn & Ornamental
Sub Total Other


Total Annual Revenue = 100%


B. Business Pricing
Asking Price: $                        (What you would sell your business for today?)
Please state the price you are asking for your Company.
A. Price : $
How is this price determined?
Business Price Includes:
C. 1.2.
Any Property included in sale?  
Please add any additional information you would care to tell us, such as : Brief history of company; reason for selling; examples of literature or point of sale material you use; anything your company does that you are especially proud of etc.


D. litigation
I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge, there is no pending litigation as of this date. Exceptions as follows (if any). None
X ______________________________
Owner Or Corporate Officer Seal Date


I certify all information stated in this buyer profile is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
X ___________________________
Signature and Title Date


 (Email Seller a copy of this agreement to:  ________________________________ )


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