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Search for BUYERS  by the state. Using the complete name of the state Alabama or the  2 letter abbreviation. Al; Fl; NY; NJ; TX; CA; etc.. Results will show All of the buyers for your state, and all other states the buyers may be considering for acquisition.  These buyers are in our database and are added every day.

We have Big buyers and Little Buyers waiting to see your company information to make you an offer.  This does not consider the buyers we attract by our ads in PCT,  PMP,   and   http://www.pestweb.com, or other means of advertising. If you want to SELL NOW and want to get the best price, terms, and conditions for your employees, email or  call us today so we can get you what you want by presenting  buyers your information.   All buyers sign a non-Disclosure before anything is disclosed to them. Don’t take a low ball offer! Show your business to all buyers.

If you ready to list your business with us now, go to: http://pestcontrolbiz.com/sell-a-pest-control-business/      complete and send to:  alwoodward@pestcontrolbiz.com  or call AL  386-454-3333.


ATTENTION  REGISTERED  BUYERS:   If you want to update your information on your  REGISTERED BUYER NUMBER   send us an email to: alwoodward@pestcontrolbiz.com   or   tdosenbach@pestcontrolbiz.com   or  CALL:  386-454-3333.  FAX: 386-454-3333.



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