12. Pest Control Survival Catalog

Pest Control Survival Catalog

Employee Forms: Office Forms:
  • Employee Application
  • Employee Police Report
  • Employee Non Compete Agreement
  • Employee Termination Checklist
  • Employee Equipment Assignment
  • Dry wood Contract
  • Employees
  • Termite Service
  • Pest Control Services
  • Direct Mail Sales Letters
  • New Release Form
Contract forms:
  • Residential Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Subterranean Termite
  • Moisture Contract
  • Lawn & Ornamental Contract
  • Annual Advertisement

Catalog of Sales and Management Information

Report #1 How to sell a pest control business for the highest and best price $99.00

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Report #2 Employee non compete agreements $149.00

Report #3 Buying another Pest Control company $99.00

Report #4 Managers, you can have your own company and here’s how! $49.00

Report #5 Tips on selling your business $99.00

Report #6 Five (5) ‘Buy Sell Contracts’ for selling or buying a pest control company $99.00

Report #7 Has most of the forms to start a Pest Control business. Includes #8, #9,#10 $249.00

Report #8 Includes 18 contracts $179.00

Report #9 Employee forms and letters $79.00

Report #10 Includes 14 direct mail letters $99.00

Report #11 Office forms and collection letter $99.00

Report #12 Twenty Five + ways to grow your service business! (Coming Soon)

Report #13 Discover how you can lower taxes this year $250.00

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  • Shipping and Handling – Add $5.00
  • Priority Mail – Add $15.00
  • Next Day Service – Add $25.00 (Only if available in your area)

Information for Pest Control Operators

Report # 1: “How to sell a pest control business for the highest and best price [ ] Electronic Copy $99.95This report gives you the basic information you need to sell your business.

  1. 1.   What and who to watch out for before the sale.
  2. 2.   How to find out what your business is worth.
  3. 3.   Non competing agreements with employees.
  4. 4.   How do i increase the value before selling?
  5. 5.   How do i assess my state and federal tax situation before selling?
  6. 6.   Are big companies the best to deal with first?
  7. 7.   How long does it take to sell?
  8. 8.   When is the best time to sell? Plus many other helpful ideas I have experienced over years of listing and selling pest control companies. Order this report today and get the most for your business when you sell!

Report # 2: “Employee Non Compete Agreements”                   [ ] Electronic Copy $ 149.95.

Five (5) different ones! Designed to be copied from the report. Attorney approval recommended.

  1. 1.   A short form that covers a general non compete agreement.
  2. 2.   A simple two page agreement report that is not detailed, but covers the subject.
  3. 3.   A long drawn out specific agreement. Leaves no doubt about what is covered.
  4. 4.   I like this one the best, it gets the job done.
  5. 5.   A three page agreement that gets the point across. It is nearly impossible to sell a pest control business for a good price without a signed non compete agreement with all of your employees, including office personnel. Without a non compete, you could lose your company to your employees! Order this report today, tomorrow you’ll be glad you did.


Report # 3: “Buying Another Pest Control Company”                      Price: $99.95  Electronic copy only

Why the big boys do it consistently. “how you can get the great federal tax advantages when you buy another pest control company.” This information is critical if you have little or no experience buying other companies. This report tells of little known tax advantages when buying another company to add to your own pest control business. Points out pitfalls to look for and how to avoid them. Limits and borders to draw within a company you are considering for acquisition. You will never regret buying this report if you want to buy another company, especially at tax time.

Report # 4: “Managers, you can have your own company and here’s how!”      Price: $49.95

A step by step guide to acquisition of a pest control company based on your ability, experience, and financial condition. Some managers would like to have their own company but hesitate because of the pitfalls of ownership. These pitfalls are pointed out specifically by the author. These are actual experiences that can help you be aware of things to come. When you are an owner, if you heed the warnings, it will save you a bundle. Are you ready to play the “what’s gonna go wrong next” game? It is fun! A real challenge! But not for the faint hearted. Order today and get ready.

Report # 5: “Tips on selling your business”          Price: $99.95

Includes sample forms and sample closing contracts.” Tells what buyers are looking for when they are preparing to make an offer on your company. Includes sample forms that may help you in preparing to show your business to a buyer. A lot of qualified information you will be glad you had before the sale.


Report # 6: five (5) “Buy sell contracts” for selling or buying a pest control company.          Price: $99.95

Examples of contracts that have clauses you may want to be sure you don’t forget when buying or selling a pest control business. There are complex contracts to very simple ones. These contracts really give you some things to think about when you are selling or buying a small or a large pest control business. Questions like, “what clauses should i include to be sure i will get my money? What statements need to be made to insure i will not get my company back in a rundown condition?” Many others are covered that you may have not even thought about.


Best Buy Report # 7:                  Only ……..$ 249.95Includes: report #8, #9, #10      Look >> this report has most of the forms you need to start a pest control business. <<<<<<1. A real bargain …….contains all of report #8: contracts, (18 of them) all of report #9: office forms and letters, all of direct mail sales letters, report #10: (14 of them), this treasure of important documents, (not just made up, actually used in every day business) tested, tried, and proven documents. Report #7.  See the description listed on each item beginning with section b: contracts 1 through 18; section c: forms ; section d: direct mail sales letters 1 through 14.3. In addition to being a best buy you will receive all of these forms by e-mail at no additional charge. All forms have been designed so you may change them to suite you business needs.

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Report # 8 Contacts                                                                                    Price: $179.00

Contract # 1C: “A pest control contract” – designed to run for any length of time, one month or one year. It says, after the first treatment the entire amount is due for the year, and the technician will re-inspect as necessary to maintain control of pests.

Contract # 2C: A subterranean “termite and moisture protection plan” -(contract) for your company’s customer: spells out responsibility for control only. No repair of property, only re-treatment of property. Front of contract spells out the details the customer and treatment while the reverse side disclaims any out of the ordinary circumstances. We have had good acceptance of this form. It does not include a graph for property drawing.

Contract # 3C: “Employee non compete agreement” – designed to keep your customers from being called on, not to keep an employee from working with another company. Gives your company the rights to his invention while working. Lets him assume the proper responsibility for the vehicle, tools, equipment, etc. This agreement’s assignable should you ever sell your business.

Contract # 4C: “Commercial pest control contract” – allows number of months and numbers of service to be written in as the customer requires. A simple yet binding contract that allows for special conditions to be written into the agreement.

Contract # 5C: “Annual termite warranty budget plan” – for your company’s termite customers: for financing termite renewals, but may be used for any other contract financing with the change of a few words.

Contract # 6C: “Termite warranty agreement” – for customers who want their home covered for subterranean termites, but have already had their home treated (by another company) and do not have any visible evidence of active termite infestation. This form is used a lot for home owners who have purchased a new or used home and this house has been cleared of termites by a clearance letter. Our company offers this warranty plan if we (your company) have performed the clearance letter (wdo report). A real renewal builder when used properly.

Contract # 7C: “Termite treatment work order” – a “graph” for any contract or may be used in conjunction with Contract # 2c or with another contract. This “graph” is used in conjunction with the termite contract 2c above. Most of the needed items to be noted are at the top of the page. A place to check off all conditions; slab, crawl, brick, stucco, and a comprehensive list of most all conditions.

Contract # 8C: “Employment contract” – an easy, simple to understand, and it has the area for non compete spelled out in a radius of number of miles.

Contract # 9C: “Terms and agreement for solicitation of customers” conditions for employee and customer relations. This agreement tells how solicitation is restricted should the employee decide to leave the company. Also it is very easy to understand.

Contract # 10C: “Fumigation contract” – this contract has been used for residential and commercial fumigation. A standard contract. It does not include a graph.

Contract # 11C: “Fumigation graph” – may be used with #10c, fumigation contract or any other fume contract. Has detailed description with check list to describe property.

Contract # 12C: For building improvements – such as gutters, and other residential repairs with an explanation of who is responsible for insurance and who is responsible for labor and material. States how the financial arrangements will be handled.

Contract # 13C: “Lawn and ornamental (l & o) contract” – for residential customers. Several options for time and date of service.

Contract # 14C: “Fumigation service agreement” – (limited guarantee) sets forth terms of 5 year renewal. One year at a time with re-treatment required in 5 years to continue guarantee. Has disclaimer on back that tells customer what to do before and after fumigation treatment.

Contract # 15C: “Pest control service” – a very simple form. Does not go into a lot of detail, just plain, with terms of payment.

Contract # 16C: “Acknowledgement with independent contractor” – this is a one page contract that helps insure the understanding you have with an independent contractor. It allows you to describe the job, tell how he is to be paid, indicates you are not responsible for any taxes, tells what you will furnish and tells what the contractor is expected to furnish. A good form that eliminates misunderstandings at a later date.

Contract # 17C: “Lawn agreement” – a simple one page lawn contract that shows, 1) customer information, 2) payment and time terms, 3)wind conditions, 4) what chemical was applied, 5)customer and technician’s signature. An easy form.

Contract # 18C: “Agreement and contract for independent or sub-contractor” – this 3 page agreement spells out exact responsibilities duties of the sub-contractor or contractor. It is a little more detail than Contract #16c above. It states the time of the contract, the waivers and goes into a little more federal law than any of the other contracts.


Report # 9 – Employee Forms and Letters

Form # 1F: Employee Equipment Assignment – this form has a list of all equipment for which employee is held responsible. A list of most common equipment which he signs for and keeps a copy. Additional items may be added.

Form # 2F: Employee Daily Report – money and ticket, turn-in check-up sheet for each employee or route serviced.

Form # 3F: Employee’s Daily Check-up Sheet – a manager’s report of company’s daily production of all technicians activities. A report that tells the manager what each employee produced the previous day, as compared with same day the previous month.

Form # 5F: Employee Absentee Calendar – a calendar that tells you exactly when and why an employee was absent from work. May be on computer data base or worked manually on paper.

Form # 8F: Employee Termination Check List – some items that you should have your terminated employees sign-off on to prevent a later problem. Prevents previous employees denying notification of certain necessary documentation, such as: state issued ID cards, w-2’s, health insurance cards, and labor forms that state the reason for their dismissal.

Form # 9F: New Employee Check List – this form helps managers and secretaries keep up with exactly what the new employees have been instructed to do. From insurance, state and federal forms, to all of the necessary paperwork to get a new employee working. This form helps you get the information once and be through with it. Allows you to add your specific items on the form.

Form # 12F: Employee Vacation Request – for all employees to state when they want their vacations. A good way for you to remember what they said. You will have it in writing and in your file. Keeps employees from changing dates without you knowing. Also keeps them from saying, “don’t you remember what I told you?”

Form # 13F: Employee Suggestion Form – this 8 1/2″ x 11″ form allows the employees to make suggestions which may help the company increase profit, cut expenses, and other methods of making the company a better or more profitable organization. One good suggestion could save or make hundreds of dollars.

Form # 14F: Employee Warning Report – a copy to employee’s file and to the employee. This form is used when an employee does not perform the assigned task or varies from the supervisors instructions. It also acts as a notice to him that if he does not improve, he may be terminated for not performing assigned tasks as directed. This form may be used to show the department of labor that the employee had one or more warnings before dismissal. You may put the exact reason of termination on the form and have the employee sign it. This could keep you from paying unemployment on a non deserving employee.

Form # 31F: Employee Application – has standard information with a section for voluntary personal information that is not required to be given for employment but may be necessary for company function.

Form # 32F: Employee Police Report Form – a simple form that allows you to fill out and send to the police department to check and see if the person you are considering hiring has a police record in your area. It has been proven and awarded in court, if you don’t check your employees when you hire them you can be held liable. For instance: a Florida court awarded 1 million dollars to family of the deceased, killed by an employee of carpet company who had a prior police record. His record was not checked before hiring.

Form # 33F: Employee Personal Reference Information Form – this form letter is a fill in the blanks and mail directly to the reference to certify the applicants information.

Form # 35F: New Employee Phone Reference Report – this is a quick check form that allows the manager or owner to call the previous employer and ask for personal reference to verify the information provided by the applicant.

Form # 36F-a&b: Employee Termination of Employment and Notice of Dismissal – this form letter is a fill in the blanks and mail or give to the employee. It has a place to explain “why” he/she is being terminated. State unemployment office can not dispute reason for firing if employee signs letter. 2 letters

Form # 37F: Employer Request for Employment Verification Form – This form is a simple fill in the blanks and mail to the former employer to verify applicants work record and work history.

Form # 38F: Employee Applicant Credit Report for Employment – this forms may be filled out and mailed by management to verify applicant’s credit with credit bureau.

Form # 39F: Employee Letter of Resignation – a letter that may keep you from paying unemployment on an employee. Simply stated the employee just does not want to work here anymore and the reason.

Form # 40F: Employee Letter of Commendation – this form is versatile enough to allow employer to fill in the blanks and make this letter fit most all commendation situations.

Form # 41F: Technician’s Record of Training Completion – this form states what the employee was trained for (pc, ter, l&o, fume, office sales, equipment, etc). – how long the training lasted and his level of competency at the time of completion. A good moral booster and increases self confidence in new or old employees.

Form # 42F: Employee News Release Form – this form is for release to all news media. Used when hiring a new employee, training completion, and every company news worthy event.

Form # 45F: Employee Self Evaluation Form – a form that helps employee’s develop a game plan. It makes them sit down and analyze what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. The supervisor can check and see if it corresponds with his opinion and between the two opinions, there should come a solving of technical & sales problems. This should facilitate the solving of technical and sales problems.

Form # 46F: Employee Motor Vehicle Report Form – this form may be filled out by the employee and mailed by you to verify his record with motor vehicle department – job completed with a signature for the certified pest control operator. A must for insurance on vehicles. Two pages

Price: $99.00

Report #10 – (14 Direct Mail Sales Letters)                                                  Price: $99.00

Mailer # 1M: “Pest control sales letter” – this mailer gives several reasons home owner should have pest control and urges them to call today. Field tested and proven. It get results.

Mailer # 2M: “Subterranean termite sales letter” – tells the home owner how to protect against termite damage by having their home checked annually by a competent pest control company. Urges them to call today for an appointment. Tried and proven.

Mailer # 3M: “Customer Christmas cash give away” – a system that gets your customers involved in helping you get new customers by offering them a cash Prize at Christmas time. Must be promoted by employees from within.

Mailer # 4M:“Realtor promotion letters” – 6 different letters. An incentive for realtors to send your company (WDO) inspection reports by offering a bonus for them individually.

Mailer #5M: “A coupon mailer” – has a date to encourage customers to act before expiration. One of our best response mailers. It can and has been used as a hand out when door to door canvassing. You don’t even have to knock, just leave in the screen or in a easily seen location.

Mailer # 6M:“Check us out” – flyer to leave at the door when canvassing in the field. This has been a real winner for us.

Mailer # 7M: “A coupon post card style mailer” – 20 cents 1st class post card!! Use for customer list of canceled customers. Works great. Keeps reminding old customers you still want their business, even though at one time, they decided to cancel, you hope all is better now and you would like to give them a $10.00 discount on annual service to start their contract again.

Mailer # 8M: “A cover for mailers” – has interesting facts that cause a potential customer to want to open mail – a cover letter that can be used as a back page when folded in half and mailed.

Mailer # 9M:“Termite clearance letter promotion” – (WDO report) a letter that offers real estate salespersons the opportunity for free pest control in their home for 10 clearance letters. This has been a real winner for us.

Mailer # 10M: “Sales letter” for pest control & termite” – a controversial letter that raises questions about how good of a job the current pest control company is doing.” Gives you a chance to sell your service.

Mailer # 11M: “Customer conversion letter” – this letter was designed to help the customer change their service from monthly to every other month or to quarterly. Just the letter won’t work. You must have the letter followed up in 30 days or less with a call or personal contact.

Mailer # 12M:“Don’t get bugged flyer” – a handout for cold calling. A mailer designed to work in conjunction with your yellow page ad and your company logo on uniforms, trucks and etc. The yellow page ad on the flyer helps prospects and customers recognized your company from yellow page advertising.

Mailer # 13M: “How much will it cost you?” – a one page letter designed to make the potential homeowner realize how much it can cost them should termites attack their property.

Mailer # 14M: Post card, “most for your money” – a post card style, 1/2 page front and back. Can be used for termite and pest control. Offers a coupons discount. Easily read as it is printed on card stock with no envelope. It is not post card size and must have first class mail or bulk permit postage. Our most recent mailing has been very successful.

Report #11 Office forms and collection letter $99.00  Forms 

Form # 6F: “chemical inventory report” – an accurate system to keep up with how much chemical you have on hand and how much you have used. Based on a weekly ordering system.

  • Form # 6F-A: Daily Monthly Chemical Summary:
  • Form # 6F-B: Chemical Log:
  • Form # 6F-C: Weekly Chemical Report:

Form # 7F: “entire company daily accounting” – a summary of all personnel, their collections and completions (may be called charges or work completed) for the previous day, presumes you are turning in at 8:00 a.m. the next day. Also includes weekly, monthly and annual totals. Makes knowing what you are doing right at your finger tips on a daily basis. A spread sheet is used in the computer, but may be computed manually without a computer. Blank forms included. Plus, it keeps up with bank deposits, bad checks, post-dated checks.

Form # 10F: “credit card form” – you may put this form in your monthly billing to encourage customers to allow you to debit their credit card instead of sending a check. Saves the customer’ time and assures you will get paid and on time.

Form # 11F: “company daily absentee report” – for manager or owner. Allows you to keep up with exactly why an employee was absent: gives reason, sick, family, etc. Tells who did absentee’s work while he was out. May help you make a judgment as to the reliability of an employee.

Form # 15F: “petty cash voucher” – a check system that always lets you know how much cash money you should have in the drawer. A good way to show your bookkeeper exactly how and where your petty cash goes.

Form # 16F: “termite renewal check list” – a form designed for the serviceman to use when he checks the crawl or slab house each year. Leave a copy with the customer and turn in the original to the office. An excellent form for your termite technician.

Form # 17F: “customer termite budget letter” – this form is sent to termite renewal customers after all other efforts have failed to offer any easy way to pay the termite renewal. It allows the customer to pay the warranty in installment payments.

Form # 18F: “customer termite renewal letter” – an offer to termite renewal customers after all other efforts have failed to collect the termite renewal. It allows the customer to pay the warranty in installment payments.

Form # 19F: “initial pest control request” – a form the office secretary may fill out when customers call in for service. May be given to pest control technicians or pest control supervisors. Has regular information, special instructions plus what the secretary told the customer.

Form # 20F: “telephone sale solicitation for new pest control business” – a simple sales solicitation for new customers, designed to get appointments for pest control salesmen or route men. A good activity when it rains.

Form # 21F: “debt collection forms” – nine (9) letters to send customers who have not paid their bill timely. Each letter tells of a consequence. Finally their bill is turned over to an agency for collection. Designed primarily for pest control businesses.

Form # 22F: “debt collection” – similar to the above, but no mention of the pest control debt. May be used for pest control business or in combination with any other type of business. (7 letters)

Form # 23F: “sales and service ticket” – 2 sizes, has all requirements for name, address, type of chemical, etc. May be used for initial service, extra service, or regular route service.

Form # 24F: “a termite warranty saver” – a (3) three letter system to get new home owners to keep the termite warranty a previous owner had in force with your company at the time of title transfer. 3 letters

Form # 25F: “a welcome letter” – should be sent to all new customers; to state the terms of the pest control contract and insures the customer is aware of all the details of existing contract. Keeps salesman from verbally obligating the company for items that are not in the contract.

Form # 26F: “notice of dishonored check” – this form allows you to fill in the blanks and mail to the customer who gave you the NSF check.

Form # 27F: “30 day termite warranty cancellation notice” – warns customer of upcoming cancellation if payment is not received in a timely manner.

Form # 28F: “offer to reinstate termite warranty” – a form letter that offers previous termite warranty customers a chance to be reinstated without re-treatment.

Form # 29F: “retreat refund and repair” (r-r-r report) – a one page form for your termite technicians to help you keep tract of how much money the company spends each year (for chemical) on re-treatments, repairs and refunds. If you add your deductible insurance money to the total of this form, you will have an exact cost of how much money you need to factor in the price of a termite job and the price of renewals next year to recuperate your expenses.

Form # 30F: “offer to issue termite warranty from your WDO report” – a coupon style insert to help retain your termite renewals. 3 different inserts

Form # 34F: “request for information” – this is a collection letter for customers who don’t pay on time or they are always behind or they owe the company money. It portrays the company as compassionate, helpful and interested in the welfare of the customer. Two letters

Form # 43F: “customer survey” – survey your customers with this form and find out your weak points and your strong points. A simple check list they can check off and return in the mail. It could tell you why sales report are slow or how to get them going again.

Form # 44F: “technician’s work order for WDO –termite clearance letter” – this form gets it straight! Who called, location of property, where to send the bill, name of the technician who did the inspections, and name of realtor. There is a blank for all the answers you need to get it right the first time. Developed over much trial & failure. One

Form # 47F: “annual advertising form” – the most important aspect of this form is you do not have to say no to an advertising person when you are initially approached. It really helps you save face. A form that discourages walk in and telephone advertising solicitors. A lengthy form they must submit to your company for consideration in your company’s next year’s advertising budget. It does give you a chance to evaluate how sincere an advertising person is about getting your business. , and well worth it.

Form # 48F: “initial pest control check list for customers” – used when you have a new pest control customer, after a new sale….a one page hand out that will tell your new pest control customers exactly what you expect of them when you return to do an initial clean out.

Form # 49F: “WDO inspection report and work order” – a one page report that can be used by your termite inspector, when doing annual termite renewals. Tells if he found a problem, and if he did, what the customer needs to do to eliminate the problem. We have used this form for a couple of years now, since the termite technician never seemed to get it right or remember which house had which problem; now we know.

Form # 50F: “rules for a happy marriage” – gives some ground rules for a happy marriage. Most of them we know, we just don’t implement them.

Form # 51F: vehicle maintenance record – this is a one page record to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicles when you do your own vehicle servicing. This form was designed after one of the leading quick oil change companies. Has all the information necessary to document adequate servicing of old and new vehicles.

Form # 52F:“subterranean termite soil treatment agreement” – and “certificate of pre-treatment” – both of these forms certify all work has been completed properly. Allows you to name chemical and the percent of mixture – also has a signature for technician who did the service.

Price: $79.00