5. Information Request FAQs

Why can A + Business Brokers do a better job selling my business than I can?

The market changes and most pc owners do not have time to keep up with which companies are buying and who pays a market price and who does not.  That could cause some of the many problems that can occur when you sell your own business. If you have never sold a business,  you may get some unexpected results – things you didn’t know about and terms you did not want. It could cost you a lot of money for contract terms you thought you understood but did not. You cannot fix the problem after the closing, you must do it when selecting the right company to buy your business and before the final closing papers are signed.

How long does it take to sell my business?

From one month to 1 year. Depends on market conditions , the selling price, how profitable your business has been in the past, the size of your company, how you price your accounts, your employees, and how flexible you are.

How much should I ask for my business?

There are several factors that you need to consider. First, is the price of the business fair market value in the current market conditions? Market conditions change almost monthly depending on the demand for the type of business you have. The two most important areas that determine the sale price are net profit and annual repeat revenue.

Can I get all cash?

Probably not. Most buyers will pay from 10% to 70% of the agreed on sale price and finance the balance over a one to ten year period. You need to be aware, usually the more cash paid the less the sale price.

How much does it cost to have A + Business Brokers sell my company?

We are a real estate company based in Florida and regulated by standard real estate broker procedures. These rules protect you. We are responsible to get the highest possible price for your business. Our fee is 10% of the total business sale price.

How do I keep my competition from finding out my business is for sale?

When we show your business to a competitor, or anyone else ,we require they sign a “record memo of showing and agency disclosure”. This is a non-disclosure agreement that clearly states the buyer must not disclose any information discussed or furnished with anyone except a professional to make a decision in reference to buying. Also, the buyer agrees to contact the broker and not you directly unless there is an appointment pre-arranged.

What will it cost me if my business does not sell in the listing period?


Yes, I have thought about selling, but:

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 I am not sure how much I should ask for my business.

 I would like to know exactly how much money I would get out of the sale.

 I don't know what I would do for a job?

 I don't want to jeopardized employee's job(s)?

 My spouse may not want to sell.

 I would like to know more about the whole process of selling

 I am not sure what my IRS tax position would be if I sold?

 How much does it cost me to hire an expert business broker?

 How long does it take to sell?

 Can I make an extra money on interest if I finance it myself?

 How can I be sure I'll get paid?

 Yes, I want to sell my business, call me for a confidential conference about selling!

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