6. Free Reports

These Reports will help you determine how to improve your Pest Control Company.

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 Free Seller Report #5
This report will you help understand the process of selling your pest control business. A lot of information to disseminate.

 Free Catalog #7
This is a catalog that has reports for growing you business, as well as equipment forms, hiring & firing forms, sales letters, office information, pest control, termite, fumigation, lawn & ornamental contracts, as well as many other detailed information that is used in everyday pest.

 Free Business Analysis #11
These 27 questions will help determine the weaknesses (if any) in your business. It also includes the advisors opinion of what you could to improve on the weaknesses of you operation.

 Free Buyer Report #13
This report will give you the principals of buying another pest control and why so many larger companies do this on a regular basis.

 Free Business Appraisal Information #14
If you want to be sure when you sell your business that you get the maximum dollar amount consider what an appraisal can do for the sale.

 Free Buyer Consulting Information #15
This report tells you how an experienced broker can help you buy another pest control company and keep you from making costly mistakes. Twenty two (22) + years experience that will aid you in making decisions about the right company to buy.

 Free Seller Consulting Information #16
This report tells you how you can sell your business and be sure you are getting the right price and terms. Who is the most likely prospect and who not to talk and what precautions to take. You will have all of the expertise of a professional business broker at your fingertips for a relative small fee.

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