11. Pest Control Business Consulting

Consulting is a broad subject and covers multiple areas in the pest control business. I choose to define what I can do for you as a consultant in a particular area. My expertise  is in internal growth,  acquisitions and mergers, for almost 30 years, which is a good way to grow and I think the most tax efficient. I do have other areas I can help you in but first I would like you to tell me what you want me to do for you and your company. Once I review this information I will call you and we can discuss how your problem can be solved  and how little it will cost.

YOU may get an answer the following 3 ways;

1.  Make a telephone appointment [use form below] and get the answers right now over the phone with a credit card, MC, VISA, or Discover; at the rate of $2.00 per minute. Minimum charge $30.00.  Anything that would need researching would be continued  later on another call as soon as possible.  386-454-3333  Anytime. Ask for Al;

2.  Send me an email,  or use the form below,  with the problem and I will send you back an estimate of the cost and wait for you to OK the response.

3.  Full analysis of what you need to do to make your company grow in the coming year and years. Use the form below to indicate you want this. I will send you a list of some of the information I will need to get started. The price is $975.00  for analysis with the option for follow up each month for $125 for as long as you want.


SELLERS      Problems I can help you solve.

1. What to look for in a buyer when financing part of your business.

2. Don’t depend entirely on your attorney. You make the decision based on his advice.

3. From my check list, red flags that should help you decide not to sell to a particular company.

4. There are many pitfalls in selling your business. Be sure you have someone on your side.

5. Helping sellers find buyers.

6. How to grow your business with the intent of Selling it in the Future and getting the best price!

7.  A list and a system to implement marketing methods to grow internally with a follow up to be sure they are working.


BUYERS       Problems I can help you  solve.

1. Helping buyers find sellers

2. How to separate the good ones from the don’t buy ones.

3. What red flags to look for in a company.

4. how to beat out the big boys when competing for a company.

5. How to hire an auditor if you don’t have one.

6. Describe problem you want to solve below, then click send:  I will call you when I  get your question.

All information 100% confidential, always. Right to my desktop, no where else.

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