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If you are considering or trying to plan for retirement it may not be a bad idea to think about selling now to keep from paying more next year. It all depends on your retirement schedule. No one knows what will happen next year but It is worth looking at and guessing somewhat to try to save taxes if selling December 31 would save a lot or a little. Call us to get your options now.  ask for AL or Tammy. 386-454-3333.

There are more buyers than I have ever seen that want to buy a business now than at any other time since I have been in the business. Most sellers are sitting wondering if this is a good ttime to sell. Yes, it is a good time to sell because the demand is extremely high. Get a Valuation of your business and put it on the market. Don’t wait unt the Capital Gains Taxes eat your lunch. Take time and prepare your business to get the max $ amount. Renewable business! That is what the buyers want. Business they can count on. Old businesses that are making a good profit, that’s what they want.  The more profit and the larger the annual $ volume the better the price. Call to day for more discussion.




Why the Big Boys do it consistently!


“You” Can get “Great Federal Tax Breaks” When you buy

Another Pest Control Company.






You need to begin by deciding exactly what you want to accomplish with your acquisitions.  Some people are attempting to accomplish normal growth without having to pay someone to build it.  It is important that you decide, in advance, exactly what you are trying to accomplish.  Then you will know exactly which way to go after you’ve gotten a little farther along in the process.




Investigate other options available to you. See if they will yield the same results.  You can purchase real estate, for example, or you initiate something that does not require personal effort and will still yield you the same tax results, tax breaks, or write‑offs as you would have gotten from buying another type company.  You need to examine the options available to you and consider what you can do, other than buying anotherpestcontrol company that will accomplish the same goals for you.


A Few Comments

The following non solicitation agreements may be used for:

1.  A guide to assist you in selecting the information you may like to include in the NON SOLICITATION   for your business.

2.  To assist you in determining what you actually want to consider in a NON SOLICITATION   agreement.

3.  COMPARISON of agreements currently in service or previously by five different companies.

                                 My Experience

It has been my experience:


1.  Most courts lean toward the employee if the term is more than two (2) years.

2.  Courts have disallowed the NON SOLICITATION   entirely because it was too restrictive for the former employee to earn a living from his present residence.

3.  Most of the cases that I am familiar with are inFlorida.  Other states may be some different, but are probably similar.


Another thing you will want to assess and consider very carefully is production per person (all buyers evaluate this item.)  It doesn’t help if you have a low production per person rate.  The industry generally looks for about $100 thousand ($100,000) per person, minimum, per year as an acceptable situation.  If you want to demand top dollar for a company then you have to expect that the buyer is going to demand excellent quality for the price he has to pay.  About $100 thousand per person per year production is considered an acceptable level under most conditions.  If you are doing less than that then you need to take a closer look at your operations and marketing.  See if you can find out what the problems are or what is preventing you from  attaining that level and then go to work on the solutions.  The cost of chemicals, as well as the cost of doing business in order to provide the service needed while earning a reasonable profit (so necessary to sustain and grow a pest control business) during the approaching decade, will require a high production per person rate in order to put you in that 20 to 30% profit level.

There are several people you should talk to when you are considering selling your Pest Control business. If you are married, you need to consider talking to your wife (if you haven’t already done so). This is extremely important if the corporation or company is run by a husband and wife team (which many times they are), and even more important if the wife is involved in the day to day activity of the business. Sometimes the wife is the final decision maker. This can create a very touchy situation, especially if she does not want to sell. Many times either the wife wants to sell and the husband doesn’t, or the husband wants to sell and the wife doesn’t. This is a consideration that should be given serious thought. You need to be in 100% agreement before you go any further.