8. Answers to: Thinking About Selling?

Yes, I have thought about selling, but:

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 I am not sure how much I should ask for my business.

 I would like to know exactly how much money I would get out of the sale.

 I don't know what I would do for a job?

 I don't want to jeopardized employee's job(s)?

 My spouse may not want to sell.

 I would like to know more about the whole process of selling

 I am not sure what my IRS tax position would be if I sold?

 How much does it cost me to hire an expert business broker?

 How long does it take to sell?

 Can I make an extra money on interest if I finance it myself?

 How can I be sure I'll get paid?

 Yes, I want to sell my business, call me for a confidential conference about selling!

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