19. Message For Pest Control Owners

Thank you for checking your message.

This message is about getting an offer for your business.

If you have recently considered selling, I would like to let you know there are

more buyers looking to buy now,   more than I have seen at any one time,  in my

30 years of  listing and selling pest control businesses. Why, you ask? Well,

owners are getting better informed and realize in this difficult and changing

market it is more profitable to buy another business (volume it is called by

some companies) than it is to grow internally alone.  Now, a lot of mid-sized

companies are finding that out and consequently causing a high demand for

other pest control companies that are compatible with the buyer’s.

The key to getting the maximum price and best terms is exposure.  The best

price is defined as the price a buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to

accept. Therefore the buyer determines the sale price if  you are willing to

accept it.  Now,  my experience is the more buyers you are exposed to the more

opportunity you have to get a better price. Some buyers are willing to pay more

than others. the reasons vary. Some may want to open an office in your area

where they have some business and want to expand from that location and be a

local company, you know how that works. others may have a strategy that

includes building business in your area. So, I could go on and I will be glad to if

you want to give me a call.

Here’s the deal. If you want to sell your business I will give you the maximum

exposure to at least the  1,000 registered buyers for the pest control industry

that I have in my data base.  Plus National (PCT, PMP), Regional, Internet

Marketing,  and our website advertising  which draws a lot of business buyers.

 If you want to see these buyers just go to #20.  on this menu

(http://pestcontrolbiz.com/search-for-a-buyer/) and search for your state.

There are more buyers that are interested in more states but have they not

updated their record for a while so you will not see some of them in the search

but we know who they are. We guarantee you exposure to buyers  you will

probably not get anywhere else (30 year data base of pest control buyers). This

is not an overnight listing today and sell tomorrow. Expect it to be a yearlong

plan with a sale at any time depending on the market which I think will get

better as time goes on.

If you want to see an offer, we will need some information. the more we have

the better possibility of a higher price. Now is the time if you want to get

maximum exposure for maximum price. If you are ready, call and let’s talk. best

time. 1-5 PM  EST,  or complete the form below and I will contact you.


 I am not sure how much I should ask for my business.

 I would like to know exactly how much money I would get out of the sale.

 I don't know what I would do for a job?

 I don't want to jeopardized employee's job(s)?

 My spouse may not want to sell.

 I would like to know more about the whole process of selling

 I am not sure what my IRS tax position would be if I sold?

 How much does it cost me to hire an expert business broker?

 How long does it take to sell?

 Can I make an extra money on interest if I finance it myself?

 How can I be sure I'll get paid?

 Yes, I want to sell my business, call me for a confidential conference about selling!

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Call me, Al Woodward, Broker, anytime 386-454-3333   or   Tammy Dosenbach,

Broker/Mediator,  in Chicago 727-239-9800  for a 100% confidential discussion

about selling or the possibility of selling NOW.


Even if your are not considering selling now, you should look at the possibility

of copying what the big boys and a lot of the small and mid-sized companies are

doing. Buy a little volume and write 90% of it off on your federal taxes. Talk to

your CPA or Accountant about it and see what they say. It may be interesting

what you find out!

Allen C. Woodward, President, Broker

A + Business Brokers, Inc.